How can I start to learn web development?

Learning to code and building a website or even becoming a full stack developer for that matter of fact sounds exciting as it poses millions of career bending opportunities. However, if you are from a non-technical background which did not include computer science of information technology as a major subject, it can seem a tad overwhelming.

Did you know that people with technical backgrounds also find it challenging when it comes to learning a new skill such as web development?

Nonetheless, if you have chosen web development as a skill to add to your existing knowledge scale, it is indeed a brave and wise decision. Assuming you are already scared by the information overload of languages and frameworks, it is likely that you might want to give up even before trying. Well, DON’T.

Web development is a beautiful piece of knowledge to have whether you are doing it for recreation or even for a career change. Understand why you are trying to learn it in the first place. The purpose is always relevant to adding value to the knowledge that you are trying to acquire. It can seem like an uphill task in the beginning, but perseverance and consistency will help you achieve the goals you have in mind.

Web development focuses on building the front end and the backend for an application. Front end focuses on building what is exposed to the end users. This can include handling the navigation for users, focusing on the layout, looking at effects and considering a proper user experience. Front end development focuses mostly on visual effects and technology like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery come in handy in achieving a proper front end configuration.

Similarly, when you focus on building a proper backend system to support the front end, you can use technology such as HP or Ruby or even Python. Functionality wise or technical services wise, you want to make use of the backend knowledge to ensure that the website or the application works as expected. Either way, you would want to start off by learning the basics of HTML and CSS so that you can work on making it more presentable and mildly workable.

The above can help you build confidence and provide that much needed hands on experience which can be motivating as well. Practice coding and test your code across the board and platforms for a better experience and learning.