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What is PPC and why do you need it?
Have you heard about PPC being used for marketing? Have you known it as something that makes mint the money you need? Have you been struggling to understand the buzz around PPC? Well, it is not as complicated as it sounds or as full of jargons as you may have heard!

What is PPC?
PPC stands for Pay per click, which is as literal as it sounds like. It is an advertising model which allows you to earn money from advertisers every time your users click on the ads floating on your screen. It could be a mobile application or even a website. You earn visits in an organic way and allow users to buy whatever they want to market.

Is the strategy good enough?
Users and digital marketing executives have been slightly nonchalant about how effective the PPC strategy could be. Nevertheless, contrary to all the notions, it has proven to be one of the best ways to gain that base that all brands want. Rapidly evolving in terms of channelizing itself as a digital medium, it is an inseparable part of online marketing in the current age.

The best way to understand PPC is by understanding your customer base. You show your ads based on your customer’s taste. Customer in this context is the user who visits your website. If your product or content of the ad is significant to the visiting users, you can allow them to navigate to an online market place where they can materialise their demand into a substantial supply. The ad only acts as a routeing medium for the user, but for you as a brand, it turns a lead into a customer.

Is it as complex as other blogs make it sound?
The fundamental principle of PPC is very clear without a hidden agenda. You get paid for the ads that users click on; it is as simple as that. Say if you have an organic search listing, you can pay the ad displaying agent such as Google to display your ad at the top of the screen which catches attention instantly. You pay the cost per click and until the fund is available in your account, you can continue displaying it. Once your funds are exhausted, your ad stops getting displayed until you refill your account. It is a great way to advertise and control your budget if you are just starting out as a business.

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