What are the trending topics in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the most trending strategy in the current scenario. However, digital marketing has been evolving on its own and has paved way for several other channels and platforms within itself. If 2019 was the year of looking at SEO or other ambitious concepts, 2020 is going to be the year where we have other innovative and fancier trends coming to life.

• Artificial intelligence AI has been hailed as the future of innovation. Several firms have been making use of AI to identify target audience and industry needs. However, with the coming times, it is expected to do even more such as read and records user behavior in order to make it more feasible and relevant which is necessary for a better customer experience.

• Chatbots Doing away with the manual customer service, which is expensive and time consuming, chatbots are due implementation for better business solutions. When you have your customers’, query answered as quickly as possible, it cuts down the need to deploy manual intervention in the form of executives. Isn’t answering queries without keeping them waiting a better idea?

• Conversation marketing methods Do you know how Google assistant or Amazon’s Alexa answer your queries after understanding your voice commands? Well, something along similar lines comprise the new age conversation-based marketing methods. When you have consumers demanding immediate response in the form of a reply, be it text based or chat based, it becomes a great platform for user experience. As a connecting medium between the marketing system and customers, it is great when it comes to building rapport even if it is between two intangible entities.

• Personalization Do you want your customers to stay more engaged with your brand? Well, you need to roll out numbers and information which is personalized according to the use and behavior. Customers have been proven to be more satisfied and loyal when brands give them information which is restricted to individuals and presented in a customized way. You can create a story book or even recommend user specific solutions to keep them engaged and there is a higher probability of them returning to your brand. • Video marketing or content marketing You can collaborate with brands, channels and influencers to get the visibility that you desire. When you have new age influencers speaks positive about or product or using product placement in a smart and useful way, it is highly likely that customers will take note and use the brand without any hesitation. The fan base is loyal to the face of the collaborator which makes it even better.